Trailer Tr4 update
Our product Trailer Tr4 now offered in three different colors!
Truck T12 (2017) & Trailer Tr11 (2018)
An example of how two of our products fit together!
Trailer Tr11 (2018)
Latest release: Tanker Trailer!

Remote Control Kits

Some other feature that makes our models unique is that they are remotely controlled with Infra Red. Truck models have driving and steering for example, but it is not limited to that. Imagine a trailer with a lift axle that can be controlled remotely. Retracting the landing gear on most of our trailers is controlled remotely as well. The possibilities are relentless and we are looking forward to share these with you.

By offering these remote control kits as part of our building experience kits we quaranty that you have all required to get the build going and finished!

NOTE for "Full Kit w/o RC Kit":
All our models are designed around and with the RC Kit elements. However, since a lot of our customers already have these elements them selves we offer editions without. If you choose to buy without we assume you have these yourself. Just to avoid disappointments.