Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page on which we address most common questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us.

General Questions
What to expect from the instructions?

The instructions are easy to use and very clear. Even when a complex part or detail is instructed our instructions are found very helpful. Our instructions have a lot of “floating" parts which are directed with the use of arrows to where to go with them. One other feature that's used a lot are subassemblies. Colored areas on a page that shows the assembling of a separate module.

What to expect from a Building Experience Kit?

Our Building Experience Kits are exclusive sets, hand picked and packed of which only a limited number are made. Each kit has a unique limited edition serial number. The complete set comes in a luxurious high quality magnet box. It comes with printed building instructions with spiral binding and with high quality pre-cut custom stickers if required. Together with all genuine new LEGO® parts, added custom parts if required and all necessary so-called LEGO® Power Functions to remote control the model. These Building Experience Kits are complete and therefore ready to build!

Onze Building Experience Kits zijn exclusieve sets, met de hand samengesteld en verpakt en uitgebracht in een beperkte oplage. Iedere set in deze beperkte oplage heeft een uniek volgnummer. De complete set wordt geleverd in een luxe hoog kwaliteit magneet doos. Het bevat geprinte bouwbeschrijvingen met spiraalbinding en hoog kwaliteit voorgesneden stickers indien benodigd. Samen met alle originele nieuwe LEGO® onderdelen, custom onderdelen indien benodigd en alle noodzakelijke zogenaamde LEGO® Power Functies om dit model op afstand te bedienen. Deze Building Experience Kits zijn compleet en dus klaar om te bouwen!

Some of your models have chromed parts, how do I get those?

For your convenience we offer them for sale. We focus on the parts that are specifically used in our models. We want to be your number one chrome plated brick supplier.

Are you shipping your big trucks and trailers kits with any form for tracking?

That is a very good question. Yes we do have tracking on all large orders. We use DHL for most of our shippings and you receive an email from them (when parcel is shipped) with tracking code. So you, but us as well can keep track of where the parcel is. It is very important for us too to see where the package is. After all we want our customers to receive the items they ordered!

Pre-order Related Questions
What can I expect from a pre-order?

A pre-order is processed and paid the exact same way as regular orders. The one major difference is that pre-orders are shipped on a later date. In return you receive a discount.

Een pre-order wordt verwerkt en betaald op de zelfde manier als een normale bestelling. Het enige grote verschil is dat pre-orders op een later moment worden verstuurd. In ruil krijg je een korting.

When can I pre-order?

When you have the opportunity to pre-order your unique Building Experience Kit is specified within the product's description.

Wanneer je de mogelijkheid hebt een pre-order te plaatsen voor jouw unieke Building Experience Kit is aangegeven in de omschrijving van het product.

What discount do I get?

Because you're willing to wait for the delivery of your unique Building Experience Kit we reward your patience with a 5% discount. Prices are specified within the product's description.

Omdat je bereid bent te wachten op de levering van je unieke Building Experience Kit belonen wij je geduld met 5% korting. Prijzen zijn aangegeven in de omschrijving van het product.

When will my pre-order be shipped?

Your unique Building Experience Kit will be shipped June 1 2019.

Jouw unieke Building Experience Kit wordt verstuurd op 1 juni 2019.

What's the official release date for this kit?

For our latest and newest products the official release date is planned at June 1 2019.

De officiële lanceerdatum voor de nieuwe producten staat gepland voor 1 juni 2019.

What happens if my order contains regular and pre-order products?

To save costs and make our products not unnecessary more expensive we will ship all products for that order at once. This means it will be shipped as stated with the pre-order product.

Om kosten te besparen en onze producten niet onnodig duurder te maken worden alle producten tegelijk verzonden. Dit betekent dat de order wordt verzonden zoals aangegeven bij het pre-order product.