Trailer Tr4 update
Our product Trailer Tr4 now offered in three different colors!
Truck T12 (2017) & Trailer Tr11 (2018)
An example of how two of our products fit together!
Trailer Tr11 (2018)
Latest release: Tanker Trailer!

Chrome Kits

We believe that chrome plated parts really adds to the realism of a model. It gives that shiny finish we see in real life too and it gives us a smile.

The chrome plated parts we offer are all new and original LEGO® parts. We have them chrome plated by a professional company which involves a chemical process that applies an actual chrome metal layer to the parts.

NOTE: Due to this chemical process parts might differ a little in quality and thickness. Parts will show little marks of where they've been fixed during this process. And because an extra layer is applied parts are harder to be connected together.