Trailer Tr4 update
Our product Trailer Tr4 now offered in three different colors!
Truck T12 (2017) & Trailer Tr11 (2018)
An example of how two of our products fit together!
Trailer Tr11 (2018)
Latest release: Tanker Trailer!

Custom brick models

Ingmar Spijkhoven • Custom Brick Models offers unique and advanced custom scale models build with plastic construction bricks.

Our philosophy is that every build should be an experience. Not solely the actual assembling which it obviously starts with. This experience should not stop once finished. Openable doors to reveal detailed interior, openable hood to show the detailed engine and engine bay, full suspension and remote controlled features.

Dedicated to build trucks, trailers and earth moving equipment and all that comes with it. A pleasant mixture of looks and functionality resulted in the scale of 1:17,5. For those who love to build his pieces of art be assure to have a fleet of same scaled models.

  • unique custom designs
  • guaranteed joyful hours of building
  • a unique showpiece in your collection

Discover models

Enjoy your Building Experience Kits

For your convenience we did the sourcing and packing of the parts. This delicate process takes time and a lot of know how. Where to find hundreds of different parts needed for this build?

To make it easy for you we offer deluxe magnet boxes containing everything that’s required to get you started. These building experience kits include:

  • All parts and elements
  • Printed building instructions (when available for that product)
  • Printed stickers (when available for that product)

Building Experience Kits

Regular Building Instructions

You already might have a huge number of parts yourself. Or you just enjoy the process of sourcing the parts. If one or the other is the case we offer digital building instructions. This is what Ingmar Spijkhoven • Custom Brick Models all started with and that’s what we will continue doing.

Another way to use these instructions is by learning from them. See how our models are build could give you a lot of insight. Well either way enjoy!

  • Available as PDF for all models
  • Available as printed book for selected models
  • Easy to follow and enjoyable to use

Building Instructions