Building Experience Kit Trailer Tr11 = € 605,00

Building Experience Kit Trailer Tr11

This is an exclusive set, hand picked and packed of which only 100 are made. Each kit has a unique limited edition serial number. The complete set comes in a luxurious high quality magnet box. It comes with printed building instructions with spiral binding and high quality pre-cut custom stickers. Together with all 1430 genuine new LEGO® parts and all required so-called LEGO® Power Functions. The latter is for remote controlling this model. The set is complete and therefore ready to build!

Note for "Kit without RC Pack":
Our Building Experience Kits can not be build without RC Pack elements. In case you already have these elements yourself you might concider ordering Kit without RC Pack.

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€ 605,00
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Product information

Model "Trailer Tr11" is a fully brick build motorized and Infra Red remote controlled scale model resembling an US chemical tanker trailer. This type of tanker trailer is used to transport all kind of chemicals, acids and crude oil. It’s ladder chassis together with the strength of the cylindric container allows for a light weight design.

The trailer features:

  • solid axle suspension
  • remotely controlled landing gear
  • remotely parking break
  • kingpin
  • toolboxes
  • fire extinguishers
  • rollover protection
  • real life stickers
  • and many details

To connect and disconnect this semi-trailer to or from a semi-truck it has a landing gear. The trailer's front end can be raised or lowered to make it aligned with the tractor's fifth wheel. With the landing gear down the parking brake is engaged. Lifting the landing gear the parking break will be released.

Even though this truck initially is designed to go with “Truck T18” it can be combined with most of our other truck products. If not sure please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Product specs

Specs for Building Experience Kit:

  • only 100 made each with unique serial number
  • exclusive set hand picked and packed
  • includes all 1430 100% genuine new LEGO® parts
  • high quality printed instructions with spiral binding
  • luxurious high quality magnet box
  • glossy high quality pre-cut vinyl stickers
Scale 1:17,5
Length 70,5 cm
Weight 1,81 kg
Parts 1430


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