Building Experience Kit Trailer Tr4 8258 Add1 = € 425,00

Building Experience Kit Trailer Tr4 8258 Add1

Model "Trailer Tr4 Add1” is a fully brick (genuine new LEGO® parts) build scale model resembling both a two axle jeep and a two axle booster.

This full Building Experience Kit comes as a luxury collectable magnetic box which contains:

  • 100% genuine new LEGO® parts
  • all parts to complete this build
  • printed instructions with spiral binding
€ 425,00
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Product information

The trailers features: solid axle suspension on all axles, the jeep has both a kingpin and fully functional fifth wheel and both have manually operated landing gears.

Different states, different regulations! Depending on the combinations overall weight, so the total weight of the truck, the trailer and the load, more axles might be required. Adding axles however is not that easy, it's not that you go to your local dealership and ask them to add an extra axle to your truck and trailer.

A jeep or dolly is basically a simple chassis with a couple of axles and a fifth wheel. It is much like the rear end of a semi-truck. The booster is located at the rear end of the lowboy. It has a pivot point to make the axles follow the trailer easily. The purpose of both is to spread load over more axles, this way the weight per axle is suppressed.

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Product specs

Scale 1:17,5


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