Building Experience Kit Truck T13 = € 905,00

Building Experience Kit Truck T13

Model "Truck T13" is a fully brick (genuine new LEGO® parts) build motorized and Infra Red remote controlled scale model resembling a 6x4 Australian sleeper cab truck. It's distinctive color scheme is designed to give this impressive build even more appeal! 

NOTE for "Kit w/o RC Kit":
All our models are designed around and with the RC Kit elements. However, since a lot of our customers already have these elements them selves we offer editions without. If you choose to buy without we assume you have these yourself. Just to avoid disappointments.

€ 905,00
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Product information

The truck features: solid axle suspension on all axles of which the rear axle uses tandem bogie suspension, PF powered driving with power transmitted independently to both rear axles, Ackerman geometry on steering axle, Servo powered steering, fully functional fifth wheel, fifth wheel slider, detailed engine bay, modeled V8 engine and detailed cabin interior.

For it's steering system we've designed and developed some very cool 3D printed parts. Two gears and one steering linkage for it's realastic steering linkages system.

This truck's modelled engine is given its realistic looks with detailes such as: engine oil dipstick, fan, fan belt, pulleys, hoses, oil filters and a turbo. Together with much more engine bay details which are added the looks are phenomenal. These include break fluid reservoir, by-pass oil filter, windshield washer container and steering shaft.

Even more details are to be found in the drivers cabin. By opening the cabin doors one can can take a closer look. For the driver's comfort the interior has gauges, switches and comfortable seats. Other details are a angled dash and gauge panel, a steering wheel and a gear shift.

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Product specs

  • 100% genuine new LEGO® parts
  • 3D printed custom steering linkage
  • all parts to complete this build
  • printed instructions with spiral binding
  • high glossy pre-cut vinyl stickers
Scale 1:17,5
Length 44,4 cm
Weight 2,21 kg
Parts 2790


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