Instructions Truck T1 MkII = € 25,00

Instructions Truck T1 MkII

These building instructions make you build "Truck T1 MkII" a fully brick build motorized and Infra Red remote controlled scale model resembling the more aerodynamic US trucks like for example the Freightliner Cascadia.

The truck features: solid axle suspension on all axles, driving with power transmitted independently to both rear axles, Ackerman geometry on steering axle, servo powered steering, fully functional fifth wheel, detailed engine bay, and detailed cabin interior.

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€ 25,00

Product information

This truck model is powered by a CAT® CT15 which is revealed with the hood opened and its yellow color makes is an eye catcher. This power source is inline 6 cylinder engine with a displacement of 15.21L. With a horsepower range from 450 up to 550 HP and this engine has a torque range from 1550 to 1850 lb-ft. (1202 - 2508 Nm) at 1200 rpm peak torque.
The modeled engine is a small object that really improves the realism of this model. The engine is very nice to build and to gives it those realistic looks a total number of about 120 parts is used. Engine is detailed with for example engine oil dipstick, fan, fan belt, pulleys, hoses, oil filters including by-pass oil filter, turbo, exhaust manifold and so on. Together with much more engine bay details which are added the looks are phenomenal. These include break fluid reservoir, windshield washer container, internal air cleaner system and steering shaft.

A lot of detail is added to the cabin's interior as well in the colors Tan and Dark Bluish Gray. By opening this model’s doors one can access the cabin. Openable doors give the model very realistic looks and makes the detailed interior visible. The interior's colors really standout because of the rather dark color scheme of the truck's body work. Dark Bluish Gray is used for both the interior and the exterior in order to link both color palettes. For the driver's comfort the interior has gauges, switches, speakers, cup holders, comfortable seats. Other details are a glove compartment, more compartments in both doors, angled dash and gauge panel, a steering wheel and a gear shift.

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Product specs

Scale 1:17,5
Length 51,1 cm
Weight 2,13 kg
Parts 2250


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Pierre 05 augustus 2018
Je voudrais savoir comment faire pour se procurer se camion t1mkii