Instructions Trailer Tr1 MkII T1 = € 25,00

Instructions Trailer Tr1 MkII T1

These building instructions make you build "Trailer Tr1 MkII type T2" a fully brick build motorized and Infra Red remote controlled scale model resembling a two axle reefer (refrigerated) trailer with tandem axle slider.

The trailer features: solid axle suspension on all axles, a kingpin, remotely controlled landing gear and parking break, remotely controlled tandem axle slider, and many details.

PDF --_----- Downloadable PDF file building instructions
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€ 25,00

Product information

It’s color scheme matches that of „Truck T1 MkII” extremely well and so does its aerodynamic looks. The trailer’s weight is reduced by a light weight constructions of both the walls and roof and also by reducing it’s frame. The „container” is strong enough by itself so the frame is only used to attach necessities. These include the tandem axle slider, Power Functions and landing gear.

To adjust the weight on different axle groups the trailer’s tandem axle group can slide along the trailer. The tandem axle group can be moved forwards and backwards to put the axles where the weight is best distributed. With this the distance between the kingpin and the axle group can be altered. This is referred to as the trailer wheelbase. The longer the trailer wheelbase, the less maneuverable the truck-trailer combination.

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Product specs

Scale 1:17,5
Length 82,6 cm
Weight 2,78 kg
Parts 1700


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Mark Lawson 11 februari 2022
Great build ,looks fantastic .