Instructions Trailer Tr3 MkII T2 = € 25,00

Instructions Trailer Tr3 MkII T2

These building instructions make you build "Trailer Tr3 MkII T1" a fully brick build motorized and Infra Red remote controlled scale model resembling a three axle log trailer with liftable third axle.

The trailer features: solid axle suspension on all axles, kingpin, remotely controlled landing gear and parking break, remotely controlled liftable third axle that simultaneously extends or retracts the rear impact guard and this model has many details.

PDF --_----- Downloadable PDF file building instructions
Printed ----- Spiral bound printed building instructions

€ 25,00

Product information

Simultaneously with lifting the third axle the rear impact guard is retracted. So with the third axle down the rear impact guard is fully extended, this to increase safety when hauling loads. Unloaded the total length of the combination is reduced with the third axle lifted and the rear impact guard in.

As with most log trailers this model has so called bolsters or bunks. Those are the U shaped frames on top of the trailers chassis. Bolsters are obviously necessary to keep the logs in place. Even though the bolsters on this specific model are fixed they can easily be re-located if wanted. The number of six can also be altered to your own needs. Give this trailer the setup you want it to have.

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Product specs

Scale 1:17,5
Length 78,1 cm
Weight 1,33 kg
Parts 1010


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