Instructions Trailer Tr4 MkII 8258 = € 30,00

Instructions Trailer Tr4 MkII 8258

These building instructions make you build "Trailer Tr4 MkII 8258” a fully brick build motorized and Infra Red remote controlled scale model resembling a three axle detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer with liftable third axle. This specific edition is addapted to fit LEGO® Technic set 8258.

The trailer features: solid axle suspension on all axles, kingpin, mechanical parking break, gooseneck frame support, remotely controlled liftable third axle, remotely lowering and lifting of the deck and this model has many details.

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€ 30,00

Product information

With this type of lowboy trailer the gooseneck is removed to make the deck accessible. Because the front part of the trailer rests on the surface the truck with the gooseneck still attached can drive off. In order to keep the gooseneck elevated at the correct hight is as a support. This support rests on the trucks frame.

The ramps can be lowered and any self propelled load can enter the trailers deck. With the trailer loaded and the load secured the gooseneck can be reattached. This is done by backing up the truck aligned with the trailer. With a support that rests on the trucks frame the gooseneck can be lowered of lifted to make sure it comes in place. Finally the deck can be lifted again and the gooseneck can be locked so it doesn’t go anywhere without the trailer itself.

This particular build can hold loads up to 2,5 kg so it's fun to have it on display with huge LEGO® Technic sets!

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Product specs

Scale 1:17,5
Length 97,4 cm
Weight 2,00 kg
Parts 1440


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sebastien 06 april 2020
a tu recu les plan et en tout ca tes revenu a combien
Élie Schulthess 03 april 2020
J'ai commandé ce matin les plans pour la remorqueJ'ai reçu les 10 fiches pour commander les piècesMais j'ai pas reçu mes plans de montageJe ne peux rien faire Pouvez vous me dire ce que je dois faire
GLENN Pearce 05 augustus 2018
Another great addition to collection as with the jeep dolly the instructions are excellent as if was a Lego kit. If you combine this set and the jeep dolly and wheel extension behind the crane truck or a mock unit it is very long and impressive model
Jack 08 februari 2018
I'm wanting to buy this I'm just wondering does the product come with parts if not that fine?